Kayley manages the business’ accounts, tax, payroll and insurances, as well as tribunal and court submissions. Since joining SD Group in 2011, she has implemented a number of cost reduction initiatives, and has had several successful outcomes in submissions to tribunal cases relating to the Building and Construction Security of Payments Act NSW 1999.

Kayley holds certificates in accounting, finance and business, and is a Justice of Peace. She has grown with SD Group, starting as a receptionist and moving on to quality assurance, prior to taking on her current role. In her words:

‘I am proud to be a successful young female in a predominately male industry. I’m also proud of my rapid growth within the business’.

Her strong work ethic, collaborative and problem-solving qualities have also been recognised outside of the business. In 2017 Kayley won the Youth Award in the Blacktown Local Business Awards.

Kayley is passionate about spending time with friends and family, furthering her work and studies in sign language and self-development. She enjoys the gym, bike riding and swimming. She also participates in raising awareness and fundraising for the Miracle Babies Foundation, Australia’s leading organisation supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them.