A specialised post tensioning concrete engineering technique was used to deliver supporting structures for an aged care facility in Ashfield.

Post tensioning works increasingly being utilised to overcome the difficulties in progressing the construction works in traffic areas. These works are predominantly used in metropolitan rail constructions in all the cities. It is the system of choice for parking structures, as it allows a higher degree of flexibility in column layout, span lengths and configurations.

SD Group leverages these techniques to support structures in other types of constructions. The technique provided the our aged care client with

  • Flexibility in providing service ducts and false ceiling

  • Larger column free space

  • Reduction in dead load (via a thinner slab)

  • Reduce number of workforce engaged for post tensioning works than standard slabs

  • Reduction in reinforcement quantity

  • Significant reduction in building weight versus a conventional concrete building with the same number of floors, due to the reduced foundation load - often a major advantage in seismic areas

  • Reduced occurrence of cracks

  • Higher freezing and thawing durability compared with non prestressed concrete.

  • Greater flexibility for penetrations and openings in floors, both pre and post construction.